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Cold Temperature Impact Florida Fish and Wildlife | 01/18/2010

The current cold snap is having an effect on some of Florida's fish and wildlife as temperatures dip below normal. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and The Sunshine Water Control District continue to monitor the species affected most by the cold.

The SWCD Fish Kill Hotline has received several reports of cold-related fish kills over the past few days. Extended periods of unusually cold weather can kill fish outright by cold stress or make fish more susceptible to disease. Warm-water species, including the popular game Peacock Bass, are particularly vulnerable to cold temperatures. Fish affected by the cold may appear lethargic and may be seen at the surface where the water may be warmer from the sun.

The Sunshine Water Control District asks the public to report dead and dying fish to the Fish Kill Hotline at 954-796-6619.

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