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SWCD Pumpstation Groundbraking | 07/30/2011

On July 30, 2011, the Sunshine Water Control District (SWCD) in Coral Springs, FL broke ground for two new replacement pump stations. The two new pump stations will replace existing 45-year old facilities that are a critical part of the stormwater management system, serving approximately 16,000 landowners and 5000 acres of residential and commercial lands in Coral Springs, Florida. Pump Station 1 is located on Royal Palm Boulevard east of Riverside Drive. Pump Station 2 is located behind Taravella High School, south of Riverside Drive and east of Coral Springs Drive.

The new pump stations will provide state-of-the-art, dependable stormwater management capabilities with a total capacity of 151,300 gallons per minute and 210,000 gallons per minute respectively. The pump stations will be constructed with buildings designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds and will each include four electrical pumps, emergency generator, diesel fuel storage tank, telemetry system, security system, and access and storage for maintenance and operations equipment. Construction costs total $6.7 million with completion in Spring 2012.

Sunshine Water Control District / Pump Station 1

Sunshine Water Control District / Pump Station 2

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