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2012 ASCE Project of the Year | 12/10/2012

Sunshine Water Control District Pump Station 1 & 2 Replacement Awarded Project of the Year

The Broward County Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers announced at ASCE's Annual Awards Luncheon on October 12, 2012 that the Sunshine Water Control District (SWCD) Pump Station 1 and 2 Replacement has been awarded its Project of the Year. The award recognizes projects that have demonstrated design and/or construction excellence in the area of civil engineering. The new pump stations were designed by IBI Group in Pompano Beach, FL.

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SWCD's two new pump station replacements are scheduled for completion in November, 2012 with a total construction cost of $6.7 million. The two pump stations are replacing 45 year old stations and are designed to withstand Category 4 hurricane force winds. They are part of the storm water management system serving the 5422 acres of residential and commercial lands. They control the water elevation of the SWCD canal system in high flow conditions by pumping water from the SWCD canal system into the SFWMD C-14 Canal to the south of SWCD. Loss of the structures and pumps in a hurricane would create the potential for flooding, property damage, loss of City critical emergency resources, and injury and loss of life to the residents of SWCD and the City of Coral Springs. The new pump stations each consist of: one story, 2000 SF pump house structures; four electrical pumps; concrete pump sump areas that houses the four pump intake pipes and a 60-inch emergency bypass sluice gate; trash rack bar screens on the upstream side for trash removal; and remote telemetry operation and monitoring system.

Award Ceremony

Sunshine Water Control District is responsible for operating and maintaining a stormwater management system in the center of Coral Springs, FL covering 9 square miles with approximately 500 acres of water surface and consisting of 2 pump stations, 22 miles of canals and 131 culverts. Over the course of the last few years, the District's Board of Supervisors initiated a series of improvement projects to enhance the quality of flood protection afforded to District's over 16,000 property owners, their families and the local communities. Going forward, the District's collective team of Board Members and staff has plans to undertake many additional improvement projects, with the ultimate intent of affording better flood protection to District property owners both during and after storm events.

Project Owner: Sunshine Water Control District
District Manager: Wrathell, Hunt & Associates, LLC
Design Firm: IBI Group (Florida) Inc.
Construction Manager: The Weitz Company
Contractor: Murray Logan Construction, Inc.

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