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Update-Canal Z Construction Project | 09-17-2014

The dredging and widening of Canal Z from Coral Ridge Drive to Coral Springs Drive was initially projected to be completed by the first week of September, 2014. The amount and duration of rainfall and unforeseen delays has hampered progress to date. Additionally, the removal of over 55,000 cubic yards of silt and rock from the canal is being done only with dump trucks backing down the right-of-way. The 10-foot wide vegetative privacy space provided to residents along with the widening of the canal limited traffic to a single lane along the canal. The slower removal method of dredged material was not anticipated during the initial project planning.

We apologize for the delay and want to assure all residents that we are working to complete this major construction project as soon as possible. The revised date of completion, with irrigation lines and sodding, is the first week of November, noting that weather can again impact our progress.

Canal Z project milestones to date are:

  • Approximately 55,000 cubic yards of silt muck and cap rock removed from canal
  • Headwall and control structure completed at Coral Springs Drive to better channel drainage
  • Grading and sloping of north side canal bank (Coral Ridge Drive to Coral Springs Drive - completed)
  • Ongoing Soil samples and turbidity readings continue to be analyzed
  • Junk and debris such as lawn furniture, toys, logs, fences, lawn mowers, and other materials found in canal have been removed and disposed
  • Contractor and District Staff will continue to work with Residents to restore irrigation lines that draw water from canal.

These improvements to Canal Z are improving drainage to our West Basin and areas of Westchester, Country Club and Corporate Park that are subject to local flooding.

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