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Canal Z Construction Project Completed | March 2015

The dredging and widening of Canal Z from Coral Ridge Drive to Coral Springs Drive has been completed. The canal bank right-of-ways have been sodded and irrigation lines reconnected. With these improvements, the Canal now moves a larger volume of water which improves drainage for many upstream neighborhoods. The removal of overgrown vegetation along the canal now provides the open access needed to perform necessary canal maintenance and aquatic growth control.

Canal Z project milestones:

  • Approximately 65,000 cubic yards of silt muck and cap rock removed from canal
  • Headwall and control structure completed at Coral Springs Drive to better channel drainage
  • Grading and sloping of north and south sides of canal bank
  • Junk and debris such as lawn furniture, toys, logs, fences, lawn mowers, and other materials in canal have been removed and disposed of
  • Communication with Residents to maintain adjacent right-of-way to water’s edge
  • Improvements to Canal Z improved drainage to our West Basin and areas of Westchester, Country Club and Corporate Park to help prevent flooding